Driving During Winter is Better When You’re Prepared!

Winterizing your truck is a necessary step to driving during the snow season. Don’t get caught in a snow storm without taking the necessary precautions. Make sure you are cleared in the following areas before you hit the road in low temps!

Long Live Batteries:

Cold temperatures have a knack for killing battery life. Make sure you check your battery power frequently to prevent failed start-ups. In freezing weather, batteries are more likely to resist charge and are left at a lower state of charge. If your battery is three years old, and winter is approaching, you may want to consider replacing it early.

Cool it With Coolants:

Antifreeze and coolants provide protection against freezing temperatures and prevent metals from corroding. Make sure you opt for a high quality product so that you are certain that your engine is prepared for the coldest of temperatures. The coolant level should be at the “full” mark at all times.

Tires for Treading:

Tires are one of the most important factors to safe driving in the winter. If you drive in a place that has consistently snowy weather, make sure your tires have the appropriate tread for gripping icy roads and preventing slipping. For an extra precaution, add chains to your tired. Keep in mind that your chains should fit snugly and not slip when you drive. To ensure a good fit, drive a mile after putting them on, then adjust accordingly.